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Bringing your imaginations through arts works

Mr Uchenna Ohah

The above personality Uchenna Ohah is a Nigerian painter and art educator from Enugu state, Nigeria. A thriving painter and graphic designer who enjoys using skills to contribute to the aesthetic creations that happen every day at in the city of Abuja and beyond. My primary (post-impressionistic) style is inspired by Paul Cezanne’s painting titled “Bend in the road”.
He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 2001 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design. Currently lives in the FCT Abuja, Nigeria.

The experience of making something from raw materials is a simple and fundamental one. The coldness of clay, the smell of linseed oil, the familiar feel of wooden tools or brushes connect you to the elements. Over time the process of choosing the right colour and quality of paint becomes unconscious and instinctive. During painting hundreds of decisions are made – from minute changes to complete destruction of previous work.

When painting, he looks for suggestions of shape and form within the background, almost like an archaeological dig, pulling the images out that emerge and then create a scene. This is an exciting way of working. Somehow you have to give yourself up to the process… and then the painting reveals itself.

As a painter, you engage with a relationship. You face the painting and the painting faces you, things happen and you witness them. You have to take risks and trust of what emerges. Cecil Collins an Artist and Visionary once stated that: “The paintings are already inside me – like seeds in a garden…”

He has engaged with a flow or deeper wisdom that lies within him. His commitment and practice increases his power as an artist and we feel a sense of awe when we witness the fluidity of his arts power as an artist and we feel a sense of awe when we witness the fluidity of his art.

For me, the imagination opens us to deep wisdom. Of course sometimes we can’t always understand our dreams and desires but they are held I feel, by a supporting platform of innate presence.

When we walk through into the imaginative space we start to experience concepts such as eternity and we meet with a completely different feeling about the priorities that are expected in everyday Western society.

A World of Possibilities. Oil on Panel

A World of Possibilities. Oil on Panel The imaginative world opens our sense of possibility, which can also bring fear, hence the warnings of our close ones. We are worried perhaps about ‘losing our minds’ or being out of touch with the real world. We fear offering a different view to that may be mocked or won’t fit in with ‘the norm’ Shakespeare said of the Imagination:

“It is the prophetic soul of the whole world dreaming on things to come”

And most of all I believe we lack trust in ourselves that we can create our own moral codes and boundaries from a deep lived experience of being human.


Making art doesn’t stop and start in the studio. The revelations and despairs change you and are carried into your whole life; the desperate need for aloneness, the taking stock – where am I now?  Trying to follow the soulful flow that our spirit invites us into.

Disruptions can prove very tiring because of how much investment goes into getting there in the first place.

As we live our lives open to the imagination our relationship with it strengthens. The imagination creates a spacious narrative for our past and for the present. It is a place where we can be absolutely free.

All the paintings here can be replicated and shipped of to any where in the world! He can also travel to get them done on walls as well.

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